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VIDEO: Gerardo Seoane 4-4-2 Tactical Analysis

Gerardo Seoane’s BSC Young Boys sit 28 points clear atop the Swiss Super League having lost two games all season. When Seoane joined Young Boys, he brought with him his direct, dynamic style of football and favoured 4-4-2 system, all of which has led to a league title in every season at the club so far. They use some interesting strategies such as high attacking full-backs, a narrow structure and a lot of crosses. Since Seoane will become Bayer Leverkusen's head coach in 2021/22, it might be interesting to take a look at his tactics and whether they fit in with Leverkusen's philosophy and squad.

In this video, we are taking a closer look at the tactics deployed at Young Boys Bern, we have the FM tactic, results and training schedules! This analysis is powered by Max Bergmann and Total Football Analysis, be sure to check out their links in the desciption. Analysis written by @MaxBergmnn and full article HERE


All in all, Young Boys are a dominant team that like to possess the ball, attack through the wings and actively press the opposition with a high intensity. With the likes of Frimpong/Weiser (RB) and Wendell/Sinkgraven (LB), #Leverkusen already possess full-backs that can implement #Seoane’s quick attacking play with a focus on verticality. They are capable of progressing up the flanks and providing width during the attacking phase. Schick can combine quick vertical combination play and the target role within the box. He might also benefit from the wingers playing inside as he's capable of switching positions and driving into gaps. At Leipzig, he demonstrated that he can flourish in a striking duo system. At #Leverkusen, Aranguiz and Palacios could become the main midfielders of the double pivot, while Demirbay and Amiri would be more offensive options. If Leverkusen look for a new signing in central midfield, defensive solidity (space control) will be an important attribute. #Seoane seems to fit #Leverkusen’s philosophy and squad as the attacking-minded Bosz tactics have similarities with Seoane’s highly intense style of play.

But Seoane will probably implement a more direct attacking style with less focus on ball circulation through positional play.



RDFs Gerardo Seoane 4-4-2 ATTACK
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