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Wonderkid: Jhon Solis The 'Incredible' Talent on Girona's Shortlist Scout Analysis

Name: Jhon Solís

Birth (Nationality): Colombia (Guacarí)

DOB: Oct 3, 2004 (18)

Height: 1,86 m

Position: Central Midfield

Preferred Foot: Right

Market Value ( €700k

Current Club: Atl. Nacional (Liga DIMAYOR)

Contract Until: Dec 31, 2024


Jhon Solis Scout Report Analysis

Jhon Solís is a 6ft'1 deep-lying midfielder currently playing football with Atlético Nacional in Colombia's top flight. Solis came through the youth ranks at Atlético Nacional and featured in the Sudamericano U15 in 2009. Since making his professional debut in 2022, Solis has made 38 appearances for the Colombian side and has never looked backwards. He has been given important minutes this season, playing over 50% of Atletico Nacional minutes, averaging 62 minutes per match.

Within his first two seasons, Jhon Solís has demonstrated his talents and looks ready to play in a league with a greater reputation. He's a technically skilled deep-lying midfielder who is confident in possession, great at finding spaces to receive, able to dictate play for his team and has become an important player at 18. Despite this young age, Jhon Solís has played the most minutes for the Colombian side compared to all Central Midfielders at Atletico Nacional (S. Gomez was sold). He is never shy to receive the ball and is always willing to progress his team through the thirds. Still, he doesn't make much of an offensive contribution, considering he's utilised in deeper areas, but he has still helped his side with two deep assists this season whilst playing an important role in build-up throughout.

Atletico Nacional have only managed 48.9% ball possession this season; in this system, Jhon Solís's ball retention quality shines through and could be of great use for both teams looking to dominate possession or for sides needing a controller who can keep the ball. He's always on the move. So it will come as no surprise that the 'Wonderkid' completes the 2nd most passes per 90 for Atletico Nacional and has a respectable 87% completion rate. That said, he has a lot of room for improvement to realise his full potential and, of course, has age on his side.


Technical (4/5)

  • Assured passer of the ball - has good first-time passing ability.

  • Good use of body feints to resist opposition-pressing players

  • Good use of disguise passing

  • Comfortable receiving facing towards own goal.

  • He can improve his ball control when looking to carry forward - he has the potential to turn this into strength in his game.

  • Close and long-range shooting.

  • Weaker foot passing

In Atletico's system, Jhon Solís's role is to use his technical ability to control Atletico Nacional's build-up through the thirds. He does this well and has also shown good passing range and variety. He is confident switching play when the middle gets too congested - completing most of his play switches.

Versus Santa Fe (12/05/2023) - One of these play switches resulted in an assist.

In tight situations, Jhon Solís has good close control, and to evade the press, he combines his good close control with body feints/fake passes to retain possession and avoid turning over the ball.

At times, to take full advantage, Jhon Solís struggles to keep the ball close to him when carrying through the thirds. On occasions, he initially does well in beating a player and attacking space but fails to remain fully in control of the ball once he gathers speed.

Shooting and shooting from a distance are areas where Jhon Solís can improve to become a more complete midfielder. Though he takes fewer than one shot a game, he rarely hits the target and provides little to no threat.

Tactical (3.5/5)

Jhon Solís plays on the left side of midfield in a 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 & 4-3-3 system, according to Wyscout. He is also utilised on the right side of the double 6.

  • Good roaming to find spaces to receive. Beneficial for possession-based teams.

  • Playmaker - Likes to receive the ball in all areas and dictate play.

  • Anticipation - Good reading the game in and out of possession

  • Good cover/rest defence positioning.

  • Good vision when in possession

  • Awareness - Looks over shoulders/scanning, familiarising himself with his surroundings (though he can improve in the speed of looking over both shoulders).

  • Decision-making in the final 3rd.

  • Fairly slow to track back during defensive transitions.

  • Reaction to second balls in midfield.

  • He is too keen to win the ball on occasions and gives away free-kicks in dangerous areas.

With little attacking responsibilities, Jhon Solís often finds good positions to cover spaces when his team are attacking in the final third, which allows him to put a pause to the opposition's counter-attacks.

With Solís's tall frame come long legs. He has good timing in his jumps to intercept and can break up opposition attacks this way - even when the attacker looks favourite to receive the ball before Solis can intercept.

Due to Jhon Solís's constant roaming, he could be best paired with a more stationary midfielder with greater intensity off-the-ball. Playing in a midfield two or three would be the best way to complement Solis and display his playmaking talents.

Despite his tall frame, he isn't much of an asset in attacking or defensive aerial duels other than being used to flick the ball on at the near post from attacking throw-ins. He does defend his box during defensive set-pieces and goes forward for attacking, but this is likely more to do with his presence rather than him being a threat and strong defending his box.

Physical (3.5/5)

  • Excellent balance on the ball - Enhances his ability to resist the press.

  • Has the fitness required for a higher-level league

  • Good strength was demonstrated both on and off the ball.

  • He can potentially be a powerful carrier off the ball (ball control with speed needs improving).

  • He has decent speed in central midfield + long strides.

  • He likes to assert his physical dominance over players.

  • Improvements to agility - Not bad; he may initially find turning and tracking back difficult during transitions at higher levels.

Psychological (4/5)

  • Shows great effort in attempts to win the ball after losing it (within reason).

  • Mature on the pitch.

  • Team player.

  • A very vocal player - who likes to orchestrate.

  • He is determined in defensive duels.

  • He is determined to win.

Something I liked about Jhon Solis, and it possibly says a lot about his character, is how vocal he is. And if not vocal, he's using his arms to orchestrate passes when his teammates are on the ball. First-team football hasn't phased him in the slightest.


Overall Rating: 15/20

Potential to be a key figure in the top 5 leagues in Europe

There are rumours that Jhon Solis could already be making a big move to one of Europe's top five leagues. There were whispers that EPL clubs Brentford and West Ham were interested, but he could end up in La Liga with Girona. This doesn't come as a surprise. He stands out because he's always looking to be involved when his team has the ball. His physique is also difficult to miss, and opposition players sometimes give him a bit of respect, which may be different in Europe's top five leagues. However, I believe he'll be able to handle the pressures and expectations, though he should be given time to adapt and grow.

Jhon Solis still has much to learn before becoming a master of creation in deeper areas and progressing through the thirds, but he's certainly heading in the right direction.



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