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VIDEO: 92% WIN RATE In The League 4-2-3-1 Roberto De Zerbi Tactical Analysis

If you follow Italian football and always seek young innovative coaches in football with distinguished vision, the name of Roberto De Zerbi probably comes quite high on the list. The 41-year-old coach is set to be in charge of Shakther next season, following his impressive spell with Sassuolo in Serie A. Sassuolo were one of the most exciting teams to watch in the last couple of years since De Zerbi’s arrival with most of their games ending up being spectacular with a lot of turnovers and goalscoring opportunities. This tactical analysis is written by Lorihanna on the Total Football Analysis site, in this video, we will analyse the tactic briefly, recreate it in FM and check out the results!

Roberto De Zerbi undoubtedly is one of the most promising coaches in modern football and his philosophy is transforming Sassuolo into opponents that no one should underestimate.



RDF Roberto De Zerbi 4231
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