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TACTICAL ANALYSIS: A formation tweak for the Three Lions against Germany? Euro 2020 squad prediction

Why the need for a tweak?

Undoubtedly, the England squad that Gareth Southgate has put together is one of the best the Three Lions have had in a while. However, their performances in the UEFA EURO 2020 so far have been everything but desirable. Yes, they’re in the round of 16 knock-out stage, but England fans feel it’s perhaps a credit to sheer luck. The team hasn’t been creating enough goal-scoring chances.

Which is true, England has only scored two goals so far in the competition, and they now face a free-flowing German opposition, ready to go all out to win the tournament. In addition, fans are questioning Southgate’s in-game tactics and squad selection. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze a possible tweak in the system England plays to enable them to create more chances going forward. (3-4-3/ 3-5-2)

Playing with three defenders at the back is very effective, as seen with the free-scoring Belgian team in the competition. Addedly, it’s a system that England used in the 2018 world cup and was efficient. So why not use that? This system comes with a numerical advantage when attacking or defending since you’ve got an extra body in promising positions. England is struggling in attack, and this formation would help them play a possession-based, high press, and attacking game while at the same time maintain balance defensively.


Are the players suited for the change?

England’s priceless gem, Harry Kane, has been lacklustre at the Euros. The conventional 4-3-3 formation currently being used doesn’t favour one of the best strikers in the world. We’ve seen Kane drop deep in all the games to try and get the ball forward, which is not in his forte. England fans want goals, and a change in formation means the forwards can get more service and score more goals. Furthermore, most of the players at Southgate’s disposal are used to play the system for club and country.

The Three Lions have a world-class squad with the panache to win the trophy come to the end of the competition. Therefore, at their best, the Three Lions can break down any team that comes at them. England has players with the brilliance, vision, and mentality to find spaces and open up even the strongest defences in world football in its repertoire. Players such as Grealish, Sancho, Rashford, Foden, Trippier, Henderson, and Shaw possess that ability. So, any defeat to England would be self-inflicted.



A back 3 gives England fluidity and becomes a threat going forward, something they have lacked in the Euro 2020. The system will make England a hard team to break down when out of possession, and since they are so quick, they can be so lethal on the counterattack. The shape allows the wing-backs to go further up the pitch from a higher starting position than full-backs thus, requiring less defensive cover from midfielders. That helps gain control of opposition territory and ball possession. Written by Amos Zamani Follow the RDF site on Twitter Subscribe to the RDF Youtube channel


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