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VIDEO: MOST POWERFUL 4-2-4 : Unstoppable Attacks (QUADRUPLE)

Attack & goals is simply the idea or main attacking principle of this tactic. The front 4 will attempt to give you very direct attacking options, as the wingers stretch the pitch and look for a pass in their path and so to the main-goal scoring striker. Alongside the Advanced Forward, who will be the main source of goals, he's partnered with a Deep-Lying Forward. Due to only having one of our central midfielders supporting the attacks, the Deep-Lying forward will always try and ensure there's a link between midfield and attack. This allows us to attack and counter in different ways instead of stick to one direction. Naturally, the wingers will attempt to get the ball to be played out wide, but if that option is not on, we can use a more central route (the DLF) to then get the ball out wide. The wingers also force the AI to defend wider once the ball is in those areas, that's when the strikers and box to box midfielder can exploit space by moving into channels or between the two CBs. The crossing will also be key to creating chances, so once the ball is in the wide areas, we attempt to get bodies inside the box.

The 2 midfielders in the middle have a job in trying to keep some shape for the team. One, the box to box midfielder, will attempt to support the attack by lurking around the edge of the box and even dribbling to bring the ball forward but not with the greatest intent and his partner will look to shield the defence, rarely getting forward and breaking up play. The full-backs also have similar jobs in trying to keep a defensive shape. They will be supporting the midfield and wingers, rather than overlapping and hitting the byline. A 4-2-4 will come with weaknesses. Such as a gap between the wide players if the attacking wingers are caught too high and we could be overrun in midfield when playing against a 4-3-3 for example, with 3 midfielders. So in an attempt to not highlight our weakness, we won't be overly aggressive in trying to win the ball back. We won't counter-press, neither regroup as that may invite too much pressure. We will aim to try and keep our defensive shape through player roles and not leaving our positions to close down or mark tight our opponents. Once the ball is won though, we will activate our counter-attack, where, we are most dangerous. That's the main mechanics of the tactic, now we'll look at it in FM.





RDF's Powerful 4-2-4
Download RAR • 90KB

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Hi Mate, This tactic worked wonderful for me in FM21. Will this work in FM22?

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