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MADRID'S MONSTER 4-3-3 TACTIC | Carlo Ancelotti Tactics | Tactical Analysis | FM22 Tactics

  • His referred system at R. Madrid is the 4-3-3 formation

  • Ancelotti has a very fluid approach, but when the favourite he understands that he must take the initiative in matches. He doesn’t believe any single footballing philosophy is the “right way” to play.

  • Intelligently seeking opportunities for the high press. Looks for pressing triggers, such as a negative pass, poor body orientation of the first attacker or a deep opponent facing goal with only risky options at his disposal.

  • A combination of high and wide overloads with clever runs into the box, especially from the wide forwards and more advanced midfielders.

  • In transitional attacks, Ancelotti’s Real Madrid side look for counterattacking through the wingers.

  • Most touches inside the penalty box (25.28 per 90)

  • 2nd most 1vs1 dribbles attempted (30.69 per 90) largely thanks to Vinicius Junior attempting just over 10 dribbles per 90

  • PPDA at 11.37, higher than leagues, average at 10.43

  • The least ball loses in LaLiga with just 75.94 ball loses (good in possession)

  • Highest passing rate in league with 16.7 Passes per minute of possession




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