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VIDEO: Italy's Sensational Attack: Italy Tactical Analysis EURO2020

Italy started the match in a positive way by keeping possession and circulating the ball without being in a hurry even when they build up from defence. This precise and continuous circulation of the ball was one of Italy’s key tools to dominate the game and prevent Turkey from being dangerous.

Italy spent most of the match with the ball (63%), and as a result, didn’t have too much defending to do. However, when they did set up in a defensive stance it looked very much like a lopsided 3-5-2, which was due to the types of positions players were already taking up in attack. Spinazzola for example was often so high in attack that his defensive position hardly ever reached the back-line again before Italy won possession. Instead, he joined a compact midfield unit alongside Berardi tucking in on the right. Insigne and Immobile often remained withdrawn from the rest and ready to be used as outlets. The shape was lopsided in that it often favoured the left, partially due to Italy’s use of Spinazzola in attack throughout the first half in particular, and also due to Turkey’s inclination to attack down the right. As soon as the second-half started, Turkey were not as attentive and reactive as they were in the first-half and Italy were able to exploit this with their midfielders’ passes between the lines to create numerical superiority. And in the first time that they were able to execute that, they scored following a Demiral mistake. Yet, the main contributors for this goal were Locatelli’s excellent pass between the lines, Barella’s quick pass towards Berardi that created a numerical superiority and Berardi’s effort on the wing before crossing the ball towards Immobile.

RDFs Italy Euro 2020 Tactic
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