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Can we recreate Ange Postecoglou 433 tactics on FM22? Creating tactics in #FM22 can be a bit daunting, but in this Football Manager 2022 video, I breakdown how I created Angelos Postecoglou 433 in the hope it helps others to be able to create their tactic from scratch. In the video, we analyse Angeball tactics, create the tactic and style of play with Celtic, and lastly, we see how the tactic plays out in Football Manager 2022.

Postecoglou lines his Celtic up in a back four formation very often, meaning there are always a pair of full-backs on the pitch. Intriguingly, instead of instructing the wide defenders to go high and overlap on the outside, this position is also sometimes required to be in the centre as well. The left-back, Greg Taylor, does not hug the touchline most of the time. Instead, he often plays in the midfield to create positional advantages for the team in this area. In the construction phases of the attack, Postecoglou’s midfielders also had important roles in dictating and managing the flow of the game. All of them must have a good willingness to play, but that was not equivalent to picking up the ball because they have to be in the positions to receive. In the last third, Celtic must be very aggressive to make runs and have the desire to score, because having so much possession means nothing if you do not put the ball into the back of the net.



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