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3 TACTICS! Nagelsmann and Munich FM21 TACTIC

Hansi Flick announced his decision to leave Bayern Munich come the end of the season. The likeliest man to come in and replace him? – RB Leipzig’s Julian Nagelsmann. But how would Julian Nagelsmann revolutionize Bayern Munich? These are some of the German’s key principles of play and what he might add to die Roten next season.

The analysis provided for this FM21 tactic was written by The Mastermind Site, make sure you check out their tactical analysis on their site at For more Bundesliga articles, be sure to check out our sister site Bundesliga Daily (

RDF's Julian Nagelsmann Munich
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Nick Ntiba
Nick Ntiba
May 05, 2021

Hi RDF , 3142 under the name of the 3142 tactic is the 3421 tactic. So the same tactic is twice in the pack....

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