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UNSTOPPABLE! All Trophies WON! Simone Inzaghi Tactics | Tactical Analysis | FM22 Tactics

  • Inter apply an aggressive man-to-man approach which helps them in pressurising the opposition and forcing them into losing the ball.

  • They have an aggressive approach in terms of challenge intensity, as they create 2vs1 (and also 3vs1) situations, surrounding the ball carrier, especially when moving closer to their defensive third.

  • They use Martínez’s and Barella’s speed to counter, and the Argentine is often the player to utilise these chances. The wing-backs also perform well on the break but the whole team doesn't counter.

  • When building up through the sides, the players rely on link-up-play, as well as overlapping and underlapping runs. Bastoni is the centre-back that moves into a more advanced position and supports ball progression with his runs where he can combine with Dimarco/Perišić and Çalhanoğlu.

  • The three-man backline widens to allow the rest of the team to move into a more advanced position and have better coverage centrally to open the passing lanes and progress the ball.

  • The team use a lot of movement in their build-up play without clearly defined lines. Instead, each player often moves up and down the pitch to open the passing lanes and provide a passing option.


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