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Total Control - The BEST Possession FM 21 Tactic

Total Control 21.2.0

4-2-3-1 Highly entertaining - High Possession - High Success - Not Plug'n'Play

-- General comments --

This is my first uploaded tactic ever, and the reason is simple: For the first time, I've managed to make my players play the actual way I wanted them to play. Like many others, I've been inspired by Barcelona's high possession approach of the golden days '10-'11. Match engines of diverse FM editions have been tough on tactic creators with a possession-oriented mind. After testing and tweaks, I can finally present a tactic that covers all my personal needs: - Full blown control of the game: 70%+ possession - Maximum possession in front of the box, center field - High number of passes between central midfielders (DM / MC / AMC) - Actual attacking intent, with through balls and dribbles - Highly frustrating: Low-to-none xG from the opponent

-- Latest update -- (21.2.0 - See name of attached files)

21.2.0: In this new release, the inside forwards are instructed to get more runs behind the defenders when in the last third. This provides better clean chances to replace the frustrating blocked long shots. DM was also recycled in a Half-Back to help the defenders. Possession remained unchanged, but defense got a little more solid. Both central defenders are now a little less important in the passing game and can concentrate on their defensive positioning. AMC got "promoted" to Attacking Playmaker so his participation to the central passing game reflects his importance in the wanted system.