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Ruben Amorim FM22 Tactics | Ruben Amorim Tactics | Ruben Amorim Tactical Analysis

In #FM22, RDF Tactics attempt to create Ruben Amorim 3-4-3 tactic. This FM22 tactic proves to be successful with Sporting CP winning FOUR trophies including the league title. In this video, we'll break down the tactic in FM22 and walk through all the tactic instructions whilst analysing Amorim's tactic and create that in Football Manager 2022.


Key Principles

  • Ruben Amorim sets his Sporting side in a 3-4-3/5-2-3 formation and has done so in 84% of Sporting matches so far this season

  • Off-the-ball, Sporting defend with a front three, followed by a midfield two and a back five and do extremely well-occupying space when pressing

  • Amorim looks to use the half-space when in the creating phase and will look for his side to create overloads in the half-space.

  • Sporting are a possession-based side who have kept 59% of the ball in the league. Have played the 4th most passes per 90 and 2nd best passing accuracy with 86%. But they are a forward-thinking team and do not retain possession.

  • In the finishing phase, Sporting put in a lot of crosses inside the box and have attempted the 2nd most crosses in the league, 18 per 90. The wing-backs are mainly responsible, each attempting over 5 crosses per 90

  • Sporting look to counter-press but not overly aggressive. If they lose the ball on the attack, one player will look to put pressure on the ball-carrier whilst other Sporting players look to get in position. They have the 3rd highest PPDA with 8.15 and the 2nd highest challenge intensity

  • Sporting play with a very narrow front 3, where the 2 wide forwards receive most of their passes inside the half-channel or central. This aids Sporting find vertical passing options

  • Sporting's press is fluid that has players covering one when another leaves their position to press and will shift with play. The front 3 look to pressure the opposition backline and shuttle them into a pressing trap.

  • Sporting also always look to stop the opposition pivot from playing.



Tweaking and man management will be key. Keep players happy, rotate your squad, when trying to keep a lead then go to 'shorter passing' and attacking width 'fairly wide'. When trying to score, you can be more aggressive and use counter-press and speed up the tempo.


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