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How Ronaldo + Grealish Fit In | Pep Guardiola Man City Tactical Analysis

Cristiano Ronaldo looks to shock the footballing world, and possibly disappoint many United fans, by joining Manchester City before the summer window closes Ronaldo's has changed his game from his Madrid days but nonetheless, still a fantastic player and would certainly improve Manchester City's team. Many would mention his pressing abilities and how they can have a negative effect but I'd like to think that Pep is tactically astute and has ideas on how to work around pressing effectively with Ronaldo in the side. Today's tactical analysis, we'll look at where Ronaldo and then £100m man Jack Grealish may play in Peps City system based on their most recent Premier League game against Norwich City, in which they won the game 5-0 Tactical analysis credits also to TheMasterMind Site and Juventus Analysis.