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RDF Training Schedules for FM21


Now, we know it's very simple and easy to allow the assistant manager to control training. I used to do it all the time also, believing controlling training is too much effort and time consuming. During FM20, I found myself to be wrong. Not only did I learn how to do it at a good pace, it was also very rewarding after seeing the results.

This year, I feel fatigue plays an huge role in both match performances and training performances so these schedules are there to help balance a few things. We want a nice balance between Injury Risk, Fatigue, Tactic Familiarity, Happiness, Sharpness and Team Cohesion. Allowing your assistant manager control this means you have less control over those important factors. One thing the assistant manager usually does also is use physical sessions during the middle of the season, which I believe is a bad idea for many reasons, one major one is the physical strain and increasing Injury Risk

This bundle includes schedules for tactical styles, development schedules, preseason schedules, general schedules AND even schedules built around Knaps tactics. They all contain a schedule for

- Weeks with only one match

- Weeks with two matches

- International break schedule (development)

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Hi, what do you do about players that become unhappy due to thinking they should be doing more of a type of training?

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