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RDF's Night Out In Istanbul 4-1-3-2

The FM21 tactic that got a Deep-Lying Forward to score 41 goals


There isn't one really. I woke up and decided to try my luck in Turkey, to dominate the league and attempt to bring excitement to Istanbul with my tactical theory. ATTACK! Attack with freedom, bravery and skill.



This originally started out a little different, same formation but slightly different roles. The idea was the same, to attack and be brave but originally I had planned to create and overlap in central midfield by having the deeper CM (DM) on an attack duty so he gets further forward whilst his partner position slightly ahead of him had the instruction to hold his position. That was my attempt to create an overlap in central midfield but not being happy with the results, I decided to tweak things in Istanbul. During early stages of pre-season, I had notice that this shape preferred me to play the more attacking minded central midfield in the CM position (instead of the DM position) and have a player beside him (LM) support and cut inside. This then started to create an effective overload slightly to the left of the pitch. With the LM and CM positioning themselves fairly close to each other, this then allowed my Wing-Back on the left to have the flank almost completely to himself and this became a more dangerous way to attack.

The right side isn't too different, this time we have used the RM on an attacking duty with the DM holding his shape. This allowed the RM to own the space, covered by the DM with the RB overlapping constantly. Up top we have two attacking players looking to pin the opponents defence back deep and this allows out movements in midfield more space to work their magic. Though both strikers like to pin the defence back but getting forward and running into their channels, we have a DLF who also likes to come deep and he is key to connecting the midfield and the forward line. How can the opponents possibly defend against this? Simply play us at our own game. Teams that try to sit and defend against us come up against hundreds of problems but teams who are maybe slightly better than us may find joy in our wider areas if we end up losing the ball on attacks due to the full backs positioning themselves higher and wingers coming in central.

In Possession: Shaped more of a 2-3-3-2 or at times 2-2-4-2

Out Of Possession: Standard 4-4-2 shape trying to protect the lines



Simply just attack! I have used shorter passing to have some ball retention as the Attacking mentality will ask my team to play more direct. Ball retention helps as I will also be asking players to play more risky passes to unlock the defence

With this tactic, we play with a higher tempo in possession. Pass into space to compliment out counter attack movements when ball has been won. Run at the defence to add more directness when on the ball, this can cause the opponents panic in defence and give away free-kicks or penalties. We are also not afraid to send in crosses because at times, we can have many players in the box and being as attacking as we are, we should use that as an advantage.

Accidently, we also tend to get a lot of shots in the opponents box. Usually to achieve this, work ball into the box would be used in a situation where you are attacking and using a lot of risks but it seems to the decisions making of the players help create better chances

When defending, I tried to avoid the very intense pressing and extremely high lines. As this tactic has the attacking mentality, naturally off the ball we will be slightly more aggressive than normally so all I wanted to do is just spice that up a little without having to lose shape and discipline. Get stuck in, for me, is used to try and be aggressive winning the ball back giving us a better chance to counter and countering will play a key part in creating chances.



League table: 1st Place

Attacking Efficiency:

Defensive Efficiency:

Clear Cut Chances Created:


The Man: Giuliano - 41 gls 46 apps 11 assists

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this is a brilliant tactic, a slight tweak made is almost perfect for my Gladbach team i just moved the cm in to the center and the DLP directly behind him and depending on who plays the Inverted Winger plays as a wide playmaker, the front two are deadly, sold plea for silly money and replaced him with daka and he scored so many goals, well done rdf for the base for my recent success

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