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Paulo Fonseca Tactics - What Newcastle United Expect - FM22 tactics

Analysis by The Mastermind Site Newcastle United signed off on a takeover bid worth more money than worth mentioning. Following that, Steve Bruce’s sacking from the club was always inevitable, especially with so many top-quality managers still on the market.

With Paulo Fonseca still, shockingly, out of a job following a successful year with Roma last year, Newcastle are taking heavy interest in bringing the highly touted manager into their ranks. So with that, we take a look at what Paulo Fonseca could bring to Newcastle and why the move could be exactly what Newcastle fans have been craving for years.

Paulo Fonseca is an incredibly interesting candidate to take over at Newcastle United. While he will need to improve his defensive record, and many of the pieces to the puzzle are evidently missing, he is undoubtedly an exciting attacking coach that will bring excitement to the hearts and minds of Newcastle. Time will tell whether or not Fonseca really does take on the job, but if he does, fans can certainly expect functional football, fluid formations and loads of entertainment.


FM21 & FM22 Fonseca 4-2-3-1 TACTIC HERE


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