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VIDEO: MONSTER 4-3-3 Tactic - 94% Win Rate

The idea or main attacking principle of this tactic is pretty straightforward. I wanted the front 3 to be as close together. The IFs(a) and P will pin the defence back and this creates space in front of the defence line. This allows our creative players in midfield to advance into space so they can play make in dangerous zones feeding the front three. The attackers also force the AI to defend very narrowly and that's where the full-backs come in handy by being wide and supporting that area. Once they have the ball wide, they have the option to either play inside to a creative midfielder, or, they can cross centrally where we have bodies inside the box. The idea is that there isn't a bad option for the full-backs.

The 3 midfielders in the middle really help keep play narrow but as we have 3 direct attackers trying to occupy the opponent's defence line, a lot of our attacking play will happen in central areas almost naturally. Which is my preferred area to attack as you can create some very dangerous chances, especially with the front 3 always looking to penetrate and cause problems. Defensively, the tactic is solid and a lot of that could be down to the 4-3-3 formation. We have players covering most areas of the pitch and if we do lose the ball high, our screening player and full-backs shouldn't be out of their position and therefore, preventing counter-attacks. Once the ball is lost, we will look to counter-press but our press isn't anything too aggressive. Longer spells without the ball, our 4-3-3 shape allows us to form a 4-5-1 which makes it difficult for the oppoents to break down. We won't engage our opponents very high, but high enough to not allow them to play out the back freely. That's the main mechanics of the tactic, now we'll look at it in FM.



RDF's Magical Front 3
Download RAR • 134KB


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