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FM21 Tactic: Italian Sauce! 5-4-1 Diamond! Regista, Treq & Mezzala

The Roles: Regista, Trequartista and Mezzala

Regista: In simple translation, this is a more deep-lying playmaker. In Italian, Regista means Director and that is exactly what we want from this role. Someone who is going to dictate play, with the freedom to orchestrate. Regista is someone typically very creative, someone, that is able to paint a picture and execute with elegance. When selecting Regista, in mind, I do not see this as a 'position' but purely a role. Though he's positioned in the DM position, I do not expect him to carry out defensive duties as he's a great reader of the game.

Trequartista: Now, very similar to the Regista. I don't see this as a 'position' but purely a role. When deployed as either ST or AM, you do not expect him to be as perform typically as these positions would. If deployed as ST, he would sit deeper than a typical striker would, but as AM (like how I have used this role) I do not expect him to drop deeper as a Playmaking AM would. I want him to enjoy freedom in position and have no defensive responsibilities. I expect players around him (apart from Regista) to carry him. The main job is to create goal-scoring opportunities for his team. He floats around in front of the opponent's defence, even finding himself in half-spaces/channels. The skill of this player with the ball and vision is crucial to this system.