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Dominate the Half-Space | Tactical Theory | FM21 Tactics

Where is the half-space? If we divided the pitch into five sections, the half-space would be the vertical channel between the wider areas (the flanks) and the central channel. And the ultimate goal when progressing through the half-spaces is so we can create better scoring opportunities in the central channel. But also, you have great passing angles to play in behind defences either to the flanks where a player could drive down the byline for a pull-back or the trough pass behind defence lines for your striker to run onto. The half-space is a channel that is utilised to disorganise the opponents' defensive shape and therefore can be rewarding. So rather than the area being a destination for your attacks, it would be an area you want to play through in order to reach your destination. Credit and thanks to Total Football Analysis for the research.



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