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De Zerbi's 4-2-3-1 Recreation

Roberto De Zerbi is one of Italy’s new generation of managerial talents who worked his way up to the top, the Serie A

Sassuolo played a brand of entertaining football, the passing and movement have made Sassuolo one of Serie A’s teams to watch, as they evidently play more adventurous that others in Serie A


De Zerbi style of play

Possession, first of all is important and that's a little clear for us to see. In the 2019/20 season, they completed 18697 passes which was the 3rd most in the league with a 85.8% pass completion. So playing out from the back is also key. Sassuolo like to stretch play from the build up with both full backs starting out very wide and hug the touchline. This gives better passing angles specially when the defence are being pressed. Sassuolo completed the 2nd least long balls which should give you a clear idea, direct balls aren't for them.

When Sassuolo lose possession, they try to counter press and as one presses, the others try to tight mark the opponents free players, making it difficult for anyone to play. Sassuolo were 3rd in winning the ball back in the final third, winning the ball 95 times, same amount as Atalanta.

Now, when recreating in FM it is VERY likely you will have to comprise on stuff as certain real life movements are not able to achieve in FM but that doesn't stop us from taking the main aspects so you can play like that team in FM

The key elements to this tactic are Stealing the ball from the opposition, Creating chances through individual skill, Possession football, exploit spaces through the middle







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