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Club Vision & Club D.N.A - Key To Long Term Success

Every club you manage would or should have a club vision or philosophy expecting to be followed in order to achieve success whilst maintaining the clubs values. This is believed to benefit the club in the future as well as the present and many clubs live by club values. For example, Barcelona's club value is "Més que un club" which translates to "More than Club". They believe on and off the field it's important to show Humility, Effort, Ambition, Respect and Teamwork. Each player and staff member is expected to live by these values

Difference between a DNA and Anti-DNA manager is simple. A DNA manager will tend to take over the clubs principles, values and playing style. A few examples would be modern managers such as Lampard and Ole Gunnar Solsjeaker. They took over their clubs setting the clubs main values set previously in history. Anti-DNA managers tend to have set principles and playing styles they rarely change. An example would be Sam Allardyce. Wherever he goes, he will have his own philosophies

Club Vision: