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A POWERFUL 4-3-3 WITH 3 STRIKERS! FM22 Tactics | Football Manager 2022

The RDFootball

  • Play out from the back - with a quick tempo to unsettle opponents (requires good ball-playing defenders and good ball-playing holding midfielder).

  • Stretch the pitch when building out - cover all channels (requires good off-the-ball movement and anticipation).

  • Create a 2-4-4/2-1-4-3 shape when building.

  • Always have numerical superiority over the opposition first line of press.

  • Always have at least 3 players as the rest defence (stopping the oppositions counter-attacks).

  • Cover all 5 vertical channels (Left flank, left-half space, central, right half-space, right flank) when in the creation phase.

  • Centre forward to operate as a False 9. The teams creator - to occupy Zone 14 and to be a vertical passing option.

  • Have runners in behind - create counter-movements to create confusion.

  • Look to create overloads against the opponent's full-backs.

  • Always have a wide option through wing-backs - stretch the pitch in possession.

  • Apply constant pressure off the ball - squeeze the pitch out of possession.

  • Use the GK as an extra outfield player.

Strengths and Spotting Weakness in 4-3-3 (3ST)

  • An anchorman screening the backline.

  • The anchorman allows for wing-backs to advance.

  • Being able to have a CM advance due to having enough bodies back for rest defence.

  • Having 3 strikers allows us to penetrate the central areas, supported by two central midfielders.

  • If strikers move out wide, formation allows for passing triangles in possession.

  • Lack of natural defensive support on the width - full-backs can become isolated.

  • Relies on good defensive discipline to not allow the team/shape to get exposed.

  • Vulnerable to counter-attacks - Squeeze and minimize the pitch. Use offside traps, holding midfielder, use tactical fouls and defenders with good recovery pace.




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