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A MONSTER Tactic! | Francesco Farioli's PERFECT 4-3-3 & UNREAL Results | Football Manager 2024

Francesco Farioli's tactics are HIGHLY impressive but not only that! He is currently one of the youngest coach in the top 5 leagues at just the age of 34 and is gaining popularity as his Nice side currently sat 2nd in Ligue 1 and went his first 10 games unbeaten at Nice. Currently boasting THE best defence in the league with 13 clean sheets in 21 games. But wait, things get a lot more interesting! The young coach is also a former goalkeeper coach (that might make sense tactically later) of one of football's current favourite coaches, Roberto De Zerbi who hired him through a tactical analysis Farioli wrote online. They started working together after a year and a half… focusing on football 24 hours a day and sometimes working on the computer at 2am. Those were good times he said.

But we're going to break down how things have gotten even better for Farioli since then, focusing on his in-possession principles


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Producing tactics like a beast! Don't even have the time to try them all. Wish you all the best! Would love to see a Hoeneß tactic, big name, big trainer talent, big performance in Bundesliga this year, while he took over while they were heading to relegation last year

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